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Girls of Club Latinitas Have A Dream

posted March 20, 2020 | in Uncategorized by By Elisa Garcia

AUSTIN, Texas — Legend has it that when a dream catcher is placed above your bed, it will catch any dreams that drift through the night air. Only good dreams find their way through the dream catcher’s web, while bad dreams get caught and destroyed at the first light of morning sun. Stemming back to the 1600s, dream catchers are an authentic American Indian tradition from the Ojibway or Chippewa tribe. Today, they can be seen in a bedroom, a living room or rearview mirror. 

In Club Latinitas, the program leaders took a break from technology lessons and taught the chicas the meaning behind dream catchers and the culture of the Ojibway tribe. We asked the chicas to use paper plates, feathers, yarn and beads to make a dream catcher of their own. After they painted and colored, we asked them what dreams they have for their future. 

Check out the girls’ dream catchers and goals for their future: 

1. Angela

Photo by Kirsty Brewster.

“My dreams are to be a veterinarian when I grow up,” Angela said. “I want to be a vet because animals get treated badly. I can help animals be healthy and so they won’t get hurt.”

2. Yuleimy

Photo by Kirsty Brewster.

“My dreams are to become famous,” Yuleimy said. “I want to be YouTube famous and people can like my videos. I can earn money from my videos and can buy a lot of things like a car or house for me and my family.”

3. Evelyn

Photo by Kirsty Brewster.

“I want to be 11-years-old,” Evelyn said. “Eleven is pretty and it rhymes with my name. I love it and I want to be a fashion designer because I love to make clothes.”

4. Haylee

Photo by Kirsty Brewster.

“My dreams are to be a makeup artist,” Haylee said. “I love makeup because of all the different colors. Being a makeup artist will give me a chance to be creative and enhance my inner self.” 

No matter what cultural background our girls come from, we want them to know the importance and power in acknowledging cultures from around the world. The American Indians were the first settlers of the U.S. and their traditions live on through the lessons we share with each other. 

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