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How Club Latinitas Celebrated Dia de los Muertos

posted November 11, 2019 | in Ask Latinitas by Latinitas Staff

Across many Latin American countries, Day of the Dead is celebrated in November with love, pride, and celebration for the lives of loved ones who have passed away. Club Latinitas students celebrated this cultural holiday by creating their own mini altars. 

Throughout the schools, students learned the different elements and significance of each item that makes up the ofrenda (offering) made to the dead. To many, this was their first time making an altar and were excited to begin creating and other students were familiar with the celebration. 

Traditional altars include food that the dearly departed loved, water for the thirst the soul has because of their journey from the world of the dead to the altar, papel picado to represent the element of air, candles to serve as guiding points to the altar and flowers to add some beauty to it.

Mini altars can be made from any sized box with easy-to-get materials such as colorful tissue paper to make flowers. Girls got into teams and had total creative decisions over what they wanted to incorporate. Our chicas opened up to one another about grandparents, aunts, siblings, and friends who had passed away and made drawings of those loved ones to be included in their altar.

Overall, Club Latinitas celebrated together the memories of loved ones and paid homage to them through mini altars and our students were able to celebrate their memories and the joys of life.

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