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January Mariposas of the Month

posted February 8, 2020 | in Uncategorized by By Andrea Morales, Elisa Garcia, Jasmine Juarez and Vanessa Batz

AUSTIN– The first month of the new year is over and some special Latinitas have already caught our attention. In the last three weeks at Club Latinitas, we have seen our chicas exemplify in all STEAM categories. As a nonprofit that empowers young girls through science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, we wanted to celebrate these chicas by giving them the title Mariposa of the Month!

Mariposa of the Month is Latinitas’ way of celebrating outstanding chicas in our after school programs by emphasizing their mastery in media, tech and personal growth. Each month of the academic year, our program leaders will nominate five girls who demonstrate strong interest and course work in the STEAM fields. These chicas have a chance to earn the title Mariposa of the Month in the following categories:

S – Savvy Chica are those students who are apt to learn about the technology they are using in programs.

T – Team Leader Chica are chicas who show they are able to exhibit leadership through teamwork and being inclusive of all their peers.

E – Enthusiastic Chica are for those that are excited and eager to participate in class and demonstrate leadership for others and help others out.

A – Artista Chica are for the girl whose creativity blows us all away and gives a fresh look at their projects.

M – Marvelous Chica certificates are for the chicas who have shown the most growth as individuals throughout the month. 

For the month of January, these four chicas will carry the title Mariposa of the Month: 

Savvy Chica: Kimberly 

Photo taken by Elisa Garcia on January 31, 2020

People 100 percent use technology and it’s important to learn what’s going on around us because doctors, teachers, and scientists all use technology,” said Kimberly. 

Team Leader Chica: Sofia

Photo taken by Jasmine Juarez on January 31, 2020

“I think being nice to everyone is important. I like working with others and love the friends I’ve made through Latinitas,” said Sofia.

Enthusiastic Chica: Risa

Photo taken by Andrea Morales on January 31, 2020

“I like being in Club because hanging out with everyone is cool and the games we play are fun…especially when we win!” said Risa.

Artista Chica: Lisbeth

Photo taken by Vanessa Batz on January 30, 2020

“I like drawing a lot so I want to be an artist when I grow up. Latinitas is helping me learn about different ways to be artistic and it’s super fun,” said Lisbeth.

Tune in every month to see who will be our next Mariposas of the Month! 

Due to Club Latinitas starting mid January, program leaders did not have enough time to determine our (M)arvelous Chica. The meaning behind Marvelous Chica is to show growth and Latinitas wants to make sure the Mariposa of the Month title is judged fairly.

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