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Poesía: The song of the solo performer

posted June 25, 2021 | in Health & Wellness by Manoela Torres

It has been a day or two
But she cares not for him
Nor care I for you
We dribble our independence hymn
Through cascades and fire rings
We have found love: a kingdom without kings

Through pirouettes and virgin sins
My mind’s adrift-
Playing a game where no one wins
On lust we soak and on the divine we thrift
I feel so high I don’t need wings
There’s nothing to cut, we aren’t tied by strings

The ballad we sing needs no flutes
Solo allure is enough
I choose the apple from all of the fruits
We are loud but never rough
You think you know the heat she brings
But I am the only one who dives into her springs

I am not slow, but there is no need to be fast
We choke in pleasure as the morning bird sings
Sinful miracles start to blast
It’s just me and her, no other flings
A ballad of power: an ode to being a she
That always ends in puddles of my own sea

About the writer:

Manoela Torres is a Brazilian writer majoring in Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Art history at Barnard College. She has already worked as a translator for renowned Nobel-award nominee author Carlos Near as well as a blog and article writer for Alouet Consulting and Theideamixradio.

Manoela posts her writing on her Instagram profile @thestreetpoetess and on her website and is currently working on her first poetry book, “The Moon And her Letters” with Brazilian artist Zamba.

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