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Poetry corner: Ode to Women

posted August 1, 2019 | in Pop Cultura by Sejal Jain

The Echo Resonates

Since the beginning, dismissed….

Man has risen into power

While the woman, just as capable as him, 

Struggles for the same recognition.

“Perhaps it was not her destiny,” whispers doubt,

With much pity.

“You see, she makes decisions on the basis of emotion” 

Adds in frustration.

Then arrives fear to declare: “biology does not lie”

Helplessness comes along: “What a shame that being a mother is a full

time job, with no flexibility to pursue other passions”

Now, the woman drowns herself in her own tears… Right?

No no… no.

With determination she raises her bowed head, refusing to give up.

A stubborn fire has awakened within her, ignited by the misinformed statements

The world will not change, but life has changed her

Like Becky G., she has “La Respuesta”

Hear it now:

Mothers are also strong.

They brought you into this world, and gifted you precious life.

We are not aware of the hidden sacrifices she made

So that YOU could enjoy the fruits of success.

Woman is the master of balance,

The goddess of wisdom.

Thanks, but she’ll keep the makeup.

She looks good, and she knows it.

She won’t apologize for possessing empathy,

For removing the barrier of the heart

And bringing another perspective.

Desde ahora, bien involucradas….

The woman inspires the wide-eyed girl

And suddenly she longs for those infinite possibilities awaiting her in the future.

Shaped by her experiences, 

The little girl grows up to be a woman.

Such, the cycle fuels itself through the generations.

Every voice was a fervent plea.

And now they come together to create a storm…

The walls close in,

And you can’t deny that

The eco amplifies.

Still Dismissed?

Haha… Not anymore.

Armed with our each other’s support,

Nobody dares to deny us.

About the author: Sejal has a keen interest in the Latino culture and plans to pursue a career in international business to represent the Latino community.  She is involved in Girl Up club, which advocates for the importance of girls’ education, and founded nonprofit organization Adorn With Attitude to support girls in STEM at an early age. 

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