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Latinitas offers conferences and presentations focused on helping girls build confidence through creative multimedia expression. These events are collaborative programs held in partnership with technological and creative entities to offer girls an opportunity to participate in fun and engaging media lessons designed to develop skills and spark interest.

Media Chica

Stay tuned for 2023!

Latinitas is excited to bring to you “Media Chica: Workshops,” a series of webinars led by innovative Latinas and Women of Color in the media field!

More details coming soon!

Future Chica

Stay tuned for 2023!

Know a tech-savy student? Register them for the Latinitas Future Chica Convention! A fun-filled day of new technology and learning they won't want to miss.

Girls and non-binary students between 9-14 years old will spend the day exploring 21st-century technology through hands-on demos and activities. Students will attend workshops hosted by: Meta, Science in a Suitcase, Applied Materials and UT Austin.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from real professionals in the tech industry about the newest advancements in technology.

Startup Chica-San Antonio

Stay tuned for 2023!

Open to all girl-identifying and trans/nonbinary students, ages 9-14. Students will spend the day learning the business skills needed to launch their own startup or product that identifies and solves community issues. As a team, working alongside community mentors, they will come up with a creative solution to a problem, pitch the product to a group of judges and exit with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Participants will have to opportunity to hear from real professionals in various media and technology fields, as well as up-close interaction with professionals who will be guiding the students through the fun and exciting process of developing a business idea.

More details coming soon!