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Code Chica

FREE 8-week session for 8th – 12th-grade students to gain knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create their own website. Students will work together with instructors and guest speakers that currently work in computer science, engineering, technology development, and more, and will learn fundamentals of Javascript and website building, along with higher-order functions and more, to create their own website! Upon completion of the program, students will receive an $80 stipend and a certificate outlining their accomplishments.

While enrolled in the Code Chica Certification Program, students will:

  • Be placed in a vibrant cohort of students that are eager to learn the essentials of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create their own portfolio-ready website.
  • Learn from industry professionals, and gain valuable networking experience to assist them in the college application process.

Information about the class:

Cohort 20 and Cohort 21 | Spring 2023

  • Dates:  (Saturdays)
  • Times: 11AM – 2PM CST online

For more information, please email Program Manager Estefania Romero: estefania@latinitasonline.org