Camp Latinitas

Camp Latinitas is the perfect place for students, ages 9-14, to unleash their creativity, make new friends and discover the endless possibilities in the world of STEAM. At Camp Latinitas, students will learn from speakers and mentors while taking on a variety  of projects. At the end of the week, families are invited to see their students hard work and dedication at our weekly showcase.

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Each week, Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm, a new adventure with themes that will spark curiosity awaits.

Camp Latinitas themes:

🖥️ Architecture Chica (June 10th – June 14th): Calling all emerging architects! Dive into the exciting world of architectural design with hands-on experience using cutting-edge design software. Collaborate with industry professionals to craft your dream building. Join us for a week of creativity and innovation! Students ages 9-14 are welcome to unleash their imagination.

🎙️ Media Chica (June 17th – June 21st): Lights, camera, podcast! Step into the world of media production and unleash your storytelling skills. From audio engineering to hosting your own show, this week is your platform to shine. Discover the art of communication and leave your mark on the airwaves. Embrace your inner broadcaster! Open to students ages 9-14 with a passion for STEAM. 

 🧵 Design Chica (June 24th – June 28th): Design your style! Explore the fundamentals of design alongside industry experts, unlocking the secrets to visual composition and creative problem-solving. From concept to creation, unleash your artistic vision and leave a lasting impression. Join us for a week of inspiration! For students ages 9-14 eager to shape the world through design.

⭐️ Power Chica (July 8th – July 12th): Empowerment starts here! Become the changemaker you were born to be, harnessing your inner strength to make a difference in your community. Through hands-on projects and inspiring workshops, discover the power of collaboration and leadership. Let your voice be heard and your actions inspire others. Calling all future leaders ages 9-14!

⚙️ Engineer Chica (July 15th – July 12th): Ready to engineer your future? Dive into the fascinating world of engineering, where coding, design, and innovation collide. From robotics to software development, unleash your problem-solving skills and engineer solutions for a better tomorrow. Join us for a week of hands-on learning and technological discovery! Open to students ages 9-14 with a passion for STEAM.

Hear what our students have to say about Camp Latinitas: 

“Me and my group have become good friends. We always work together and they don’t leave me out. I like how they always help me with the movie and they are very nice to me.” -Lola, 12

“I would say that this camp is empowering young Latina women to become successful people in the future.” -Maia, 12
“[Camp Latinitas] is a very fun place to make new friends and learn new things.” -Sofia, 12

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