Latinitas conferences are one day events where technology and media are used as tools for career exploration.

Startup Chica – From Concept To Pitch

A Latinitas Conference 

Join us at Startup Chica on April 13th at Austin Community College – Highland from 9am-5pm, for a day filled with hands-on business learning, empowerment and friendship! 

At Startup Chica students, ages 9-14, will dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, alongside mentors from various industries. In groups, students will brainstorm, strategize and bring their startup business ideas to life. Students will pitch their creations to our exciting panel of judges for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Bring your concepts to life with us! Register here

Media Chica

Workshop Series

Latinitas is excited to bring to you “Media Chica: Workshops”

A dynamic and educational workshop designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and excel in today’s media landscape.

These workshops include writing, journalism, digital marketing, podcast creation and more.