Public Art

Latinitas x The Mosaic Workshop: Courageous Leaders

Discover the story behind a vibrant mural that stands as a symbol of resilience and community in Old East Austin. Amidst the challenges of COVID-19, social injustice, and the push for equity, this mural emerged as a powerful expression of hope and unity.

In 2021, Latinitas, continued its mission of bridging the digital divide for Austin’s underrepresented communities, unveiled a stunning mural at Holly Commons in East Austin. Located at 2406 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, the mural pays tribute to the legacy of Ana Sisnett, an Afro-Panamanian visionary known as “Technomama.” Sisnett founded Austin Free-Net and championed universal access to technology.

The mural was a collaboration between Latinitas and The Mosaic Workshop, co-founded by renowned local artists, Carmen Rangel and J Muzacz.

Additionally, six individual mosaic portraits were commissioned honoring women of color who pioneered equity in their fields. These six portraits were originally unveiled at the Austin Central Library, Austin Public Library and now are permanently installed at Southeast Branch, Austin Public Library. Artists who contributed to the portrait series include Carmen Rangel, Lys Santamaria, Litzy Valdez, Lolita Rodriguez, Veronica Ceci.

  • Dr. Martha Cotera, founding member Chicana Caucus
  • Dr. Teresa Lozano Long, educator, philanthropist
  • Dr. Bertha Sadler Means, educator, social justice advocate
  • Sylvia Orozco, founder Mexic-Arte Museum
  • Cathy Revilla Vasquez, founder La Prensa newspapers
  • Peggy Vasquez, producer, journalists, social justice advocate

Latinitas 20th Anniversary: Honoring Austin’s Women Trailblazers

Stay tuned an exciting installation Honoring Austin’s Women Trailblazers is happening Fall of 2024.

In 2022, celebrating 20 years of Latinitas, another seven mosaic portraits were commissioned to honor women pioneers and visionaries of Austin. Artists who contributed to the portrait series include Catie Lewis, Paola Sire, Litzy Valdez, Ambar (Martha D.), Lolita Rodriguez, Veronica Ceci, Carmen Rangel.

  • Gloria Pennington, first Latina in Austin to host a news show
  • Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, first female president of Huston Tillotson University Angela Angulo, owner of El Mundo newspapers
  • Reji Thomas, glass artist and founder of Graphic Glass Studios and Pine Street Station
  • Alice Ming Fei Yi, advocate and founder of Texas chapter of APAPA
  • Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, UT professor and founder of the Voces Oral History Project
  • Laura Donnelly, co-founder of Latinitas.

Latinitas Mosaics at the Latinitas Office

Experience the vibrant fusion of artistry and innovation at our office nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas. Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where every tile tells a story of its own. Located at 1023 Springdale Building B Suite 2C, our doors are open to those seeking inspiration and beauty. Come explore our gallery and witness the mesmerizing allure of our Power Chica Mosaic and Mariposa Mosaic creations. Our dedicated team awaits you from 8 am to 5 pm, ready to guide you through an immersive journey of color and craftsmanship.

New 2024 Installation announcement coming soon