Latinitas Magazine

Latinitas Magazine is the first digital magazine made by and for young Latinas. An online publication creating content primarily revolving around popular culture, think pieces related to Latina women, girls, and nonbinary peoples, technology, and new media. Our Magazine’s aims to engage and inform the community on issues important to LatinX/Hispanic people through meaningful content that highlights the challenges and accomplishments particular to our multicultural audience while showcasing the spaces Latinitas participates in and the Programs we create.

Free Latinitas Writing workshops for high school students 14-19 will return Fall of 2024!

Conversando: A Latinitas Podcast

Conversando is a Latinitas podcast that delves into the multifaceted experiences and real-world implications of being Latino, exploring its profound influence on every aspect of life through levity and engaging conversation. In this thought-provoking podcast, we invite you to join our conversations with a diverse range of guests, from Latinitas staff to accomplished individuals all the way to everyday Latinos who have unique stories to share.

Free Latinitas Podcast workshops for high school students 14-19 now available