A Week At Camp Latinitas: From Sketch to Chic with Design Chica

This summer I had the absolute pleasure of attending Week 2 of Camp Latinitas and it was a blast. As is custom throughout the camps, Week 2 had a theme, and this time it was Design. The students were broken up into teams and then tasked with creating a group project that centered around the world of fashion and design in its various elements. This week, though, was a little different. As part of Latintias overarching goal to combine our lovely Programs and our amazing publication, Latinitas Magazine, I was asked to come in and assist with some of the activities. This meant I had a front seat to everything the Chicas did this past week, and I’m going to share all of it. 

The week started off with the kids being dropped off at around 9 AM Monday morning. Camp Latinitas isn’t an overnight camp, so the students would be picked up again at 4 PM. As they sat down, our incredible Programs team made up of Programs Managers Beatriz Castillo and Estefanía Romero, Programs Coordinators Mia Gomez-Reyes and Aliyah Zavala, and our Program Leaders Alexandria Garza and Karen Mandujano began with a simple introduction into the camps and the rules they’d need to follow throughout the week. 

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