Amplify Austin Breakfast Fundraiser

Start your morning off with a good deed during Amplify Austin! Stop by the historic Ciscos Restaurant Bakery from 8:30am-11am on Friday, March 2nd, for Latinitas’ #AmplifyATX fundraiser. We will have iPads set up for you to make a donation!

There are two ways that you can help us reach our goal during our Breakfast Fundraiser: 

IN PERSON: Join us at Cisco’s starting at 8:30 am! If you donate $25 or more through Amplify Austin, Cisco’s will give you a FREE cup of coffee AND their famous picadillo in a homemade bolillo! 

ONLINE: Even if you can’t make it, RSVP on our Facebook event page so that you can get reminders to make your donation online through the Amplify Austin website or using the “Ticket” link above.

Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 over the 24-hour period of community giving so that we can provide 100 girls with an unforgettable summer camp experience. #AmpCamp #AmplifyLatinitas