Camp Latinitas is in Session!

With a over year of virtual learning under their belt, Latinitas is ready to host their second virtual summer camp! Camp Latinitas is expanding their 4 week summer camp to 5 weeks to serve more students through a variety of STEAM based curriculum.

Starting June 28, Camp Latinitas will be in session with 5 weeks of summer camp including a new week called Game Chica where students will explore a social issue they want to aim the spotlight towards and use the power of storytelling to create their very own video game. 

Students can sign up to attend one or all weeks of summer camp, each one serving different fields for students to innovate and express themselves in fun, creative ways all while making friends and meeting interesting, inspiring mentors. Chicas can choose from exploring film, fashion, entrepreneurship, advocacy, self love, video games and more. There is sure to be a week to meet every chicas interests! 

Camp Latinitas is completely virtual and available to any girl or non binary student ages 9-14! Scholarships are available and we welcome any student to apply. For more information and to register CLICK HERE!