Chica Power Video Contest

What’s your Chica Power? Tell Latinitas what your “Chica Power” is in a short video and be entered to earn a $500 Scholarship and a spotlight at the Party For Chica Power this summer!


If you have participated in Latinitas and want to share your goals, interests, or engagement in your community, submit a short video of yourself answering the prompt: What is your chica power?

The winner will receive the Chica Power Award, which includes a $500 Scholarship and a ticket to the Latinitas Party For Chica Power on Saturday, April 27 at the Center for Social Innovation.

Videos must be submitted by Friday, April 12.

Participant Requirements

  • Ages 14 – 23
  • Must be available to attend the Party For Chica Power on Saturday, April 27
  • Must have participated in at least one of the following Latinitas programs:
    • Club Latinitas
    • Summer Camps
    • Chica Conferences
    • Workshops

Your Video Will Include

Videos submitted should be 30 to 60 seconds and contain the following:

  • A brief description of yourself – State your name, age, and where you are from.
  • What’s your first Latinitas experience? – Provide the name(s) of the Latinitas programs you participated in and how they impacted you. What did you learn? What did you like the most?
  • Describe your “Chica Power” and how it positively impacts your community

Action: Shooting Your Video!

Below are some recommendations for your video submissions. All videos will be reviewed by a panel and may be presented at Latinitas Party for Chica Power on Saturday, April 27, 2019 or other public events.


  • You may use a digital camera, cell phone or tablet/laptop to record your video
  • For phone or tablets, please use the landscape view for public presentation purposes
  • If available, we recommend a tripod or a minimum use of “found footage” style


  • We recommend regular room lighting and avoiding strong contrasting lighting
  • Natural or large window lighting works best
  • If possible, have your light source in front of you and not behind you


  • If possible, use a microphone for outside spaces or large rooms
  • Try to keep audio consistent throughout your video
  • Voiceover or narration is also allowed


  • If possible, show us your power in addition to telling us
  • Feel free to include examples verbally or visually
  • If possible, maintain a good distance on your subject. Waist or chest up is recommended

How to Submit

  • Completed videos may be uploaded to YouTube listed as an unlisted video
  • Please e-mail the following items to
    • A link to your unlisted video on YouTube (30-60 seconds)
    • A brief bio (100 words or less)
    • Your headshot (high resolution headshots are highly encouraged to submit)

For questions or comments, contact or call the Latinitas Austin office at (512) 900-0304. Don’t forget to have fun!