JCPenney & Latinitas at the Hill

JCPenney extended a gracious invitation for Latinitas to visit the hallowed halls of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. This special trip celebrated the partnership between Latinitas and JCPenney, showcasing the alignment of values in support of America’s diverse working families through inclusive access to education and job readiness. Angela Marshall Hofmann, Head of Government Relations at JCPenney, hosted the executive staff of Latinitas, Interim Executive Director, Gabriela Kane Guardia, and Communications Director, Salwa Yordi. Together, they met with 14 members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, representing the diverse states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

These meetings celebrated Latinitas’s profound impact on empowering Hispanic youth and fostering their educational and career development. To spotlight their partnership with JCPenney, they shared what it means to be a beneficiary of the Hope & Wonder collection celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. This collection, thoughtfully designed to evoke feelings of hope and wonder, goes beyond fashion; it symbolizes the richness of having pride and love for your culture.

By engaging in meaningful discussions with distinguished members of congress and highlighting the positive impact of their partnership, Latinitas and JCPenney are setting an inspiring example of how philanthropy can create a brighter future for underrepresented communities. This collaboration is a true testament to the essence of America’s diverse working families that deserve to feel respected, valued, and seen, which is at the core of both Latinitas and JCPenney.