JCPenney Launches Their Hispanic Heritage Month Collection in Collaboration With Latinitas

JCPenney’s Hope & Wonder Hispanic Heritage Month Collection kicked off with a very special event in Austin, Texas. For plenty of brands, Hispanic Heritage Month isn’t really something they advocate for or put much of an emphasis on. However, JCPenney put together a special assortment, showcasing how much they value their Hispanic consumers. The entire Hope & Wonder Hispanic Heritage Month campaign is a collaboration with us, Latinitas, and we will be receiving 100% of the net profits from all Hope & Wonder Hispanic Heritage Month Collection sales!

This is a huge honor, and the launch event was a great way for JCPenney and Latinitas to join together and create new ways of empowering the girls we serve.

Before the event started I was able to speak to Lilliana Cortez, the Chief Programs Officer for Latinitas, about why JCPenney chose us to partner up with, “JCPenney wants to be part of the story,” She explained, “They’ve mentioned that they picked Latinitas because they were looking at nonprofits that were nationwide, and they thought, ‘well, do we want to support a nonprofit that is already big? Already having a great impact? Or do we want to support a nonprofit that is doing really great work, and having a great impact, but still has all this potential to grow?’ And that’s why they decided to pick Latinitas.”