We’ve launched our Empowerment Circle – Join today!

This month, Latinitas unveiled its new donor-benefit program called the Latinitas Empowerment Circle. Our goal was to raise $16,000 by the end of the year to signify the 16 years we have been empowering girls. That money will go directly to our after-school clubs, conferences, and workshops at public libraries and public housing sites, and now, at our new innovation space!

Why start the Latinitas Empowerment Circle?

As the girls in the Latinitas programs have matured, so have we. At 16 years old, we are putting the ask out to help us diversify our revenue stream, which will allow us to create more long-term giving activities.

Latinitas has established corporate partnerships and we continue to successfully win grants, but a nonprofit is not going to be it’s best without the buy-in of individual donors.

How does it work?

Amounts are cumulative and add up over a donor’s “lifetime” of giving (starting from 1/1/2017). The more a donor gives, the more benefits they receive.

How do I join?

Once your donations to Latinitas total at least $100, you’re in! You’ll be signed up for our quarterly Empowerment Circle newsletter and will start to be notified of special opportunities once you qualify.

Below is a chart of benefits you can receive as your donations add up to the different levels.

Click here to join by making a donation or pledging a monthly gift. Make your donation or pledge of any amount (minimum of $100) by the end of the year to be listed among the inaugural donors on our website.