Latinitas Empowers Community: Hosting a Fellow from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ Program

Latinitas is excited for the first time to host a fellow from the Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) Program. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) has launched a bold new civil society initiative, and Latinitas is honored to participate in this transformative experience. We are particularly thrilled to welcome the distinguished CEE Fellow Yourba Chang, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Engineering and UX Design.

Yourba has been working for the past four years building digital products for international clients. Her computer engineering background and passion for creating user-friendly interfaces have led her to focus on bridging the gap between human-computer interaction while also breaking stereotypes in tech and creating new opportunities for girls in STEM.

As an organization committed to empowering young Latinas through media and technology, hosting Yourba Chang aligns seamlessly with our mission.