Teen Titans GO! to Summer Camp with Latinitas


EL PASO (TX) — Warner Bros. and the Teen Titans visited Latinitas’ Arts and Media Summer Camp at the El Paso Leadership Academy last Tuesday.

Five characters from the upcoming animated movie brought snacks and totes for the girls to promote their film, Teen Titans GO! To the Movies. The Titans posed for pictures, danced, and interacted with the girls as they decorated tote bags.

Angie Quiñonez, 13, expresses her feeling about the experience.

“It was kind of cool because not every kid gets to do this like we did,” Quiñonez said. Quiñonez said she enjoyed the tote decorating the most. “I like coloring and everything so that was fun,” Quiñonez said. Gloria Lara agreed that the Teen Titans visiting the camp was “awesome.”

“I got to see the characters not on TV but in real life,” Lara said. Both girls admitted they were fans of the show and would like to see the movie in theaters. The girls also said they were more excited now that they had the chance to interact with the characters. “I like that it’s funny,” Lara said.

Be sure to check out Teen Titans GO! To the Movies in theaters everywhere July 27, 2018.


[Original post by Allysa Tellez]