Camp Latinitas Tours The Moody Center for Media Chica Week

Camp Latinitas had the opportunity to tour Austin’s famed Moody Center. An arena located on the UT campus that has housed the talents of Bad Bunny, Justin Beiber, Sza, Olivia Rodrigo, and many many more. It was an exceptional opportunity for the young students in Camp Latinitas to get to see behind the scenes of the music industry, and the many steps that go into making a live-venue possible. The tour started early in the morning, as our students excitedly stepped off of the bus onto the Moody Center grounds. 

Immediately we were greeted by Moody’s Marketing Coordinator, Carolina Aceves, who began the tour by taking the students through security and fitting them with wristbands. Once inside Aceves offered some background on The Moody’s history, “I just want to give you a little bit of the story. So, we opened on April 2022. Matthew McConaughey is the Minister of Culture here at the Moody Center, and he really wanted to implement the culture that Austin has here as part of the Moody Center.” Aceves then pointed at a sketch drawing that had been blown up and etched in a glass panel of the Moody’s layout. McConaughey had sketched it on a napkin when thinking about what the Moody could become. 

As the students continued walking around the main floor, Vice President of Marketing, Veronica Cantu joined us and pointed out some of the finer details at the Moody, “What you’ll see is a whole bunch of artwork around the building. So, a lot of murals and they were all done by Austin artists. Everything we wanted to do in this building, we wanted it to be a representation of Austin.” 

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