Latinitas Purple Party Pickleball Tournament Was A Dill-Ighful Success: A Recap

On Saturday June 1st, Latinitas held their annual Purple Party Fundraiser, but with a fun twist! The guests traded in their fancy dresses and tall shoes for sneakers and shorts as the first-ever Latinitas Purple Party Pickleball Tournament was held! A nearly all-day affair where guests were asked to enjoy the copious vendors, bid on the sizeable silent auction, and enjoy the Tournament filled with Latinitas Sponsors. The event, held at the Eastside Paddle Club, was an absolute (pickle)ball! (Full article here)

Before guests even walked in they were greeted by an outdoor vendor market selling artisan pickles courtesy of Flat Brim FarmerRaspas by Angelica (a student at Latinitas Padres Digitales program), free drinks and desserts courtesy of JD’s Supermarket, and chips courtesy of Siete Foods. It was already starting to be a party, but the free treats weren’t done yet. Once you went inside and headed upstairs into the lounge patrons got to enjoy Bambino’s pizza and drinks by hi Seltzer on the house. And if Latinitas own pickleballers got a little tired, they could head into a relaxing room and receive a free massage, courtesy of Athle-X

Just as the Tournament was about to begin, Emcee and CBS-Austin News Anchor John-Carlos Estrada came in to introduce the teams, “Let the tournament begin, and good luck to all the amazing teams: Teams Atlassian 1 and 2, Teams Dell 1 and 2, Team Consuela, Team Dill Damas, Team Expedia, Team GFiber, Team Latinitas, Team Ouro, Team Solarwinds, and The Yurtopian Ballers.” Some guests gathered around the sidelines to cheer on their favorite teams, while those looking to get active themselves joined in on H-Dance’s Zumba class!